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Secure connection using advanced technology of VPN Viprinet Routers. Our technology brings new solutions and independence.

Growing information needs of the organization and expanding requirements for spread of business processes require changes in the traditional structure of the network. Whether for construction or acquisition of a new branch at home or abroad, on the road to integration, or linking home offices. All these processes require flexible and stable, highly reliable and secure IT network - preferably at low prices.

For several years, safe method of choice for network security in a business environment is to use a VPN - virtual private network. Allows integration of distributed tasks to a locked network. The biggest problem is: established technologies are not able to satisfactorily maintain all required security criteria.

Too expensive, unreliable, insufficiently flexible

Network solutions specifically designed for companies, offer limited choice of providers in different places, do not provide adequate reliability (MPLS), or are solely focused on data encryption while ignoring reliability factor (IPSec). VPN solutions offered by network providers are tied to the ISP infrastructure are inflexible and are not available at all locations of the Eastern Europe. In addition, the operations of these specialized networks are very expensive which is reflected to the final price offer of the VPN connection.

Viprinet - bringings new solutions and independence

Viprinet Roters offer VPN solutions without these deficiencies. It provides a cost-effective set flexible and highly secure network structures that can be tailored to individual requirements. Viprinet principle is based on the trivial, basic but brilliant idea: Reliability, on the basis of risk spreading. Everything is based on bonding to six different lines connected to the Internet via ADSL for example, / 3G, Ethernet freely selectable ISP providers into one high-performance connections. In this way, the usual consumer DSL lines to obtain high performance for their business, including quality VPN network. The more connections are integrated into the overall structure, the lower the risk of affecting the total collapse of the VPN.

To use this technology, it requires no special connection type, provider, or access technology. Modular design for multichannel VPN Router allows quick and easy connection to your company's IT infrastructure. In addition, Viprinet solution offers all the typical security features for VPN, mainly on military grade 256 bit AES encryption. Confidential data is invisible to potential attackers using distributions over several lines, with separate encryption for each row. With SSL, it is difficult to distinguish from other TCP / IP packets - unlike IPSec.

With Viprinet routers you can very easily plan your VPN corporate network as secure and easy to customize to your needs. We can help and advise you. Please contact us »