Established in 2005, Acovy is a specialist networking distributor, targeting both the value added reseller community of the Czech Republic and the Slovak Republic market. With a distribution centre in the capital city of the Czech Republic, Prague, Acovy is able to offer resellers ready access to stock, technical support and training programmes.

The company has broad-ranging expertise in the Ethernet and wireless networking environment, as well as in the mobile, voice and traditional data communications markets. This is represented by a comprehensive portfolio of products that includes distributorship agreements for leading global brands.

Acovy has developed stable relationships with internationally recognized top vendors in the Internet, and is experienced in LTE, 3G, HSDPA, DSL, Ethernet bonding, networking, interconnectivity, wireless and convergence technology environments. The mainly represented brand is Viprinet bringing absolutely unique networking and data communication technology to the Czech and Slovak market. The company is also well-known for its Ethernet and GSM/3G monitoring products.


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Viprinet ™ Multichannel VPN Routers combine up to six ADSL, 3G or Ethernet connections creating a robust, high-speed connectivity to the Public Internet or a corporate network.

  • Real all WAN connections from different providers
  • They aggregate bandwidth upstream and below
  • Significantly reduce downtime caused by linking different providers
  • Hot-Plug-ins for 3G, ADSL, Ethernet or CDMA can be connected at any time in various combinations
  • Combining diverse modes to achieve the necessary latency for critical applications
  • Allow high data rate control and QoS for uniform load balancing network with regard to the type of data transmitted
  • They are available in different versions for greater flexibility

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