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Failure of Internet connection increase company expenses! Reduce the risk on a minimum by bonding multiple Internet connections and minimalize the risk.

Failure of ADSL line can happen quite often. What if the Internet connection is disconnected by accident? How we can send an emails or to find information about the client from our online CRM system if we don´t have internet connection?

It is a fact that more and more business processes depend on a reliable and fast internet connection. This applies both to exchange data between locations, as well as the used applications and virtual solutions, software solutions such as SaaS, Citrix, or other related types of cloud computing.

Broken connection or unexpected errors can often stop all of business activities and makes unnecessary economic losses. Conventional DSL has approximately 250 hours of downtime per year. Even expensive dedicated lines provide only 98% reliable - approximately 128 hours downtime per year. These values are essential to business operations during each minute of downtime can be a big loss of money.

Increased reliability through diversification

The principle consists on the Viprinet routers that connect up to 6 different variable broadband Internet providers and combines them into a single Internet connection. Usually a low-cost ADSL line is available by becoming highly applicable. The combination of three different DSL providers will provides the Internet via stable 99.9%.

JakýkoliAny type of connection available on the Czech market can be used and all ISP can be combined according to the individual requirements of clients. Thanks to the integration of alternative approaches to the Internet, such as 3G, HSPA+, LTE or Ethernet, the reliability can be increased even twice.

What is the next big advantage? Rate!

After installation, you only pay regular monthly fees for consumer DSL lines (ADSL) ie. From 8 to 15 EUR, which is almost nothing compared to the huge cost of dedicated lines and back up SLA contracts from providers offers. In those particular cases, your internet cost significantly declining.

The Viprinet build solution offers a highly reliable and fast connection to the Internet, tailored to your individual business requirements. We will assist you in planning your network structure and connections. If you would like more information, please feel free contact us ».