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Combine the available 3G, HSPA+, LTE mobile networks and get the internet during movement!

Particularly in rural areas, but also in commercial zones on the site of cities, DSL Internet is quite poor and poses a serious problem for companies and business users. Many companies can confirm the issues in order to obtain high speed and reliable Internet connection in such a areas. Although many DSL connection was established and although many local politicians promised to provide a good connection, the situation change very slowly. In many cases, the solution is to use the 3G, HSPA+ or in future LTE network, however such a offers the only represent unstable option. Unfortunately, the use of 3G wireless technology is still unstable and often not enough in many areas. In addition, signal strength and link aggregation are constantly changing with the resulting decrease quality of the Internet. Another problem is the high latency, which reduces the use of many basic Internet applications and programs.

The solution is to use Viprinet Routers

It can solve these issues. Using the principle of bonding (connection) to six different 3G-lines from different providers (O2, T-Mobile, Vodafone) Internet services into a single node using Multichannel VPN Router. This method offers the user a high connection reliability and risk diversification failure. In the event of failure or malfunction of a 3G, HSPA+ or LTE network internet connections are maintained with other connection. Speed of internet will only be reduced by the amount of bandwidth that will disconnected. Internet latency and quality will be maintained by using the remaining 3G, HSPA+ or LTE connections.

This unique method of bonding may be the company to obtain a stable and secure connection to the Internet in remote areas.

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REFERENCE: Microsoft Xbox live presentation in shopping centers

Through the VPN routeru 300 modules equipped Viprinet UMTS/3G/HSPA+/EDGE - 21Mb we provided for Microsoft Czech Republic the Internet guaranteed connection in the largest shopping centers in Prague. We provided10 Mbps Download / Upload 3Mb, which was required for presentation XBOX live services. The Viprinet N300 Router was set up and ready to meet the requirements of NAT for running Xbox live games.

Microsoft XBOX